We call ourselves an “online marketing company” when in reality we should be calling ourselves “a good old-fashioned marketing company – with online marketing skills”

Why is this distinction important? To some, such a distinction would be trivial, unimportant… frivolous. But to a few, it is all important. The few who know there’s much more to running a successful marketing campaign than just having a website, even a beautifully designed website. These few are our type of client. Our ideal partner.

What a pleasure to deal with someone who has a solid understanding of the digital minefield we find ourselves in in this day and age. Fractal Marketing has been my right hand in navigating my digital footprint across my website and social media accounts. Before I embarked on building my website, Fractal Marketing supplied me with the most detailed analysis of how my original website was performing against my competitors. This is money well spent and I would encourage any business owner to get a view of their market before proceeding with creating their own digital footprint. Would I recommend Fractal Marketing? Hell yes. Not only is Lionel a pleasure to deal with, he offers excellent value for money and an amazing insight into a world most people have no clue how to navigate.

Sherril Rankin

Fractal marketing has been instrumental in helping to launch our fantastic new product, Gno.1 – the first hanger that allows you to hang an entire outfit on ONE hanger, including accessories. We have been targeting the hotel industry specifically, and have been getting more and more enquiries directly from our website, due to our increasing visibility and google ranking… all thanks to Fractal Marketing.

Kerry Marshall

If you need online marketing, Lionel is your man!!!!

Janine Davidson

If you are looking to create an online offering, Lionel has all the current know how, advice, systems management and expertise you could possibly want to create a solid platform to grow from.

Theresa Moodie