As an online marketing services company, we offer the following services:

For existing website owners:
We advise a comprehensive Competitor Analysis to establish a baseline in the following areas: Search Engine effectiveness (how the website is being found via search engines by analysing your current keywords), technical effectiveness, content and social performance - all within the context of the comparative performance of your online competitors. Having this invaluable information is paramount to establishing a blueprint for increasing performance - whether it be better visibility, increased sales, a rise in online leads... the goal is to establish where you are in order to take you to the next level. The recipe we recommend would include monthly SEO maintenance and reporting, PPC ad campaign implementation and reporting, social monitoring and content management.
For new website owners:
We can assist with hosting, website design and setup, keyword research, SEO, PPC, content planning, social implementation and monitoring.
SEO or Search Engine Optimization: We are often asked "What is it?", "Why should I have it?" and "Does it hurt?" - among many other questions. Simply put, it is the practice of making your website (and its associated online channels) more visible to searchers actively seeking a product or service such as yours. Your website may be beautifully designed and you may offer a superior product to your competitors, but if a searcher looking for what you offer cannot find you on page one of their Search Engine Results Page, you've lost. Our task is to dig up those terms people are typing into the search bar for your product category, optimize your site accordingly and track the progress. If your product or service category is highly competitive, getting optimum results can take time, effort and expertise (all of which we have plenty of). That should answer the first two questions. As for the third, truthfully, it's always going to hurt - Getting to page one of the search results can take time and money. Not getting to page one?.. well that's gotta hurt even more.