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Ha ha ha!

Imagine an online marketing outfit not having an online marketing web presence.

Well of course we’re going to fix that. But while we’re busy minding our php’s and ftp queues here at Fractal Marketing, we thought you might like to know about who the hell we are. Long story short, just some old throwbacks from the good old days of advertising (when television, radio and newspaper ads ruled) who have figured out the new way of doing things (a.k.a. “online marketing“). We decided that we could and should learn some new tricks – and we did.

SEO, Social, PPC and great Web Design. We even know what a meme is. We’ve also figured out that some things should never change – like good solid marketing. Yes, we know a thing or two about that. So if you’re a marketer trying to expand your online presence and even kick up your sales a bit, or maybe you’re a troll with an itch to scratch, please send us a note.

That would be great.

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