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We are the newDAY Church Marketing Agency In the “before times”, way back in 2019, I was asked to “help” our local church with their website and emails since the “guy who did it all” had left. It actually turned out to be way more than fix a thing here and add a thing there – what they actually needed was … Read More

Marketing Borehole Drilling Companies in Gauteng

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marketing borehole drilling companies in gauteng

Marketing borehole drilling companies in Gauteng – Finding the Water…When we were approached to set up a website for this particular borehole drilling company in Gauteng, it was a bit of a challenge in terms of positioning. The client did not want to lose the origins of the company which had its roots in hiring portable toilets. The name was … Read More

Day Spa Online Marketing | Royal Orchid Thai Spa

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day spa online marketing for Royal Orchid Thai Spa

Day Spa Online Marketing for Royal Orchid Thai SpaThis business is a casualty of the pandemic and closed its doors in 2020When the new owner of Royal Orchid Thai Spa & Hair Salon approached us for help with her day spa online marketing, we immediately started poking around the existing website. What we found was not surprising. We never slate … Read More

oral health care websites online marketing Oralink Health

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oral health care websites and oral health online marketing - Oralink Health by Fractal Marketing

Oral Health Care Websites and Online Marketing  – Oralink HealthThe Ora range of natural oral care products is the brainchild of Johannesburg dentist Trevor Wasserman. When he and Ayala (his wife) approached Fractal Marketing, I had no idea how competitive the oral health online marketing was. Not until I did my research. All I knew at the time, was that their current … Read More

stainless steel flange marketing for Plus Factor

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stainless steel flange marketing for Plus Factor

Stainless Steel Flange Marketing for Plus FactorThis website for Plus Factor, a personal pet project, happens to belong to my Dad. Just so you know. It’s a small website and isn’t nearly as large as other sites in the same category. But it could be, and it should be. But only for the right reasons. For example, I’d like to … Read More

Health Wellness Website Marketing – Theresa Moodie Wellness

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Theresa Moodie Health Wellness Website Marketing by Fractal Marketing

Spotlight on Health Wellness Website Marketing for Theresa Moodie WellnessThis client relationship is a casualty of the pandemic resulting in leaner budgetsWhen Theresa Moodie first approached us, she wanted to know if it was possible to set up a health and wellness website – specifically a blog – on a very very tight budget. Full Disclosure: Theresa is an old … Read More

Jewellery Website Marketing – Scarab Jewellery Studio

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Jewellery Website Marketing - Scarab Jewellery Studio - Main Site

Scarab Jewellery Studio – Jewellery Website Marketing for a solid gold clientI no longer work with this client. But our time together was very productive.Jewellery Website Marketing is no easy task – the web is full of jewellery websites that market aggressively. When we first met with Janine Davidson of Scarab Jewellery Studio down in Cape Town to discuss a new and … Read More